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Payers FAQs

Which payers does SPSI work with?

SPSI is able to send claims and receive electronic remittances from all commercial payers, not just the RBHAs and ACC plans. We have supported clients in sending claims to insurance plans from Alaska to Delaware and everywhere in between. Our support team will work with any payer to get the conduits set up to allow you to submit your claims and receive your remittances electronically (if available from the payer).

Current AZ Payor List

How does a Payer ID work?

Each payer has a specific ID that functions as an electronic address to ensure each claim reaches the appropriate payer. SPSI’s Arizona office maintains an updated list of hundreds of different payers utilized by our clients. If you need to submit claims to a payer not currently on our list, we will help you figure out how to send in those claims and register to receive remits from that payer (if available).

RBHA vs. Other Payers
There are some important differences in billing the RBHA (Regional Behavioral Health Authority) and other commercial payers.

RBHA vs. Other Payers

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